Consumer Analytics

Consumer Analytics is the key! There are organizations who have extensive data about their customer and who do not have a complete spectrum of customer data. In whichever category you fall, we have a solution for you. These fragmented pieces of customer information aren't useful on their own, whereas when we empower the data with the missing pieces with the help of Alteryx, a leading data preparation and blending tool, which allows you to easily bring together data into a holistic picture. Utilize drag-and-drop analytic capabilities to gain insights into your customers and ultimately better serve them.

Fraud Preventive Analytics

Are you losing money on fraudsters? We have got your back. Microfuse have successfully implemented preventive fraud analytics capabilities in the past which helps in stopping the fraudulent activity from occurring. Our consultants have the right tools and the technical know-how on implementing the right solution tailor made for your company.

Predictive Analytics

Predicting future trends or decision points can give you a step ahead of the competition, but is always a multiplex task. It might be difficult but it is not impossible! However, leveraging predictive analytics is no longer restricted by entrance barriers. Alteryx's advanced predictive analytic capabilities combined with Python & R-programming allows for sophisticated and accurate predictive models without the hassle. You can make better decisions and stay ahead in the game.

Spatial Analytics

Being in the center of the action is critical, it gives you a business advantage over competition. Take advantage of Alteryx's spatial analytic capabilities to understand how people behave in terms of time and space. As you explore Alteryx's data with your own, you will discover valuable insights that can help you strategically position your organization around where people are. Our Consultants will help you optimize various facet of your organization end to end.