Business Strategy

BI Assessment/Roadmap

Whether you are just starting or ready to reassess your BI strategy, Microfuse experienced consultants will provide expertise in assessing the current BI state and guide you in right direction to determine where you want to be, and how to get there. Along this journey, we will recommend the right tools, technologies and approaches to achieve you BI goals. Let us help you discover and realize the potential of what your data can uncover.

Tableau Drive

You realize Tableau's potential to generate valuable insights, but not everyone is sold on your vision. Furthermore, you may not envision what the widespread adaptation would look like. Microfuse will provide you that cutting-edge strategy, roadmap and expertise to lead your organization in creating a culture that values and adapts data visualization as a powerful tool to improve performance at all levels.

Analytics Center of Excellence

Through our Analytics Center of Excellence program, we guide you to establish a robust authority to assist and oversee the analytics process your users need. From your core group, empower others with data-based insights and cultivate innovation as they learn your tools. Let Microfuse be the driving force behind your adaptation of data driven culture.

Tool Evaluations & Recommendations

Selecting and purchasing new software and tools can be an intimidating task. As BI experts with diverse industry experience and knowledge of various tools, Microfuse consultants will help to educate you to efficiently solve your problems. We help you to evaluate various features, functions and limitations which provide the best return on your investment.