Data Warehouse

A data warehouse provides your organization with an optimized platform to serve as the basic blocks of your analytics and reporting. Traditional data warehouse approaches have been expensive to implement and maintain creating significant barriers to entry for most organizations.

At Microfuse, we offer the benefits of data warehousing without any risk through data warehouse virtualization. We work with the latest virtualization tool - Denodo, that significantly reduce the time and cost of building and maintaining your data warehouse but harness the power of having a data warehouse.

Data Integration

Extracting, Transforming, and Loading (ETL) data into a data warehouse is always a complex and time consuming process. In the present day scenario, sometimes not all the data needs to be normalized for loading in the data warehouse. Data from homogeneous sources and complex transformations provide challenges that may make the process difficult. Our experienced consultants are equipped and ready to help you with every challenge you face in data integration.