B2B Customer Portals

Most customers are accustomed to interacting with business organizations through a web application. That standard still can't seem to affect organizations serving each other, resulting in restricted customer relations. Through our B2B Customer Portals, you can start re-engaging with business customers. Microfuse gives an online portal that narrows the gap in document sharing, reporting and analytics to provide your customers with the information they need.

BI Portals

In many organizations, various BI tools are becoming a norm. Providing steady and simple ways to access all of the insights to maximize the value of these investments and achieve adoption. Microfuse provides you the expertise to take back control of your BI with a custom solution. Common challenges we solve include custom branding, navigation and security models. Microfuse team provides expertise working with multiple tools to break down departmental silos and streamline all of your BI as one entity.

Customer Business Portals

Can't identify the ideal software that encapsulates a business procedure? At Microfuse, we work with you to build a customized business platform tailored for your organization. Unlike run-of-the-mill software, we directly integrate your business rules and criteria into your platform so you maintain absolute control over your proprietary process.

System Integration

Migrating data between frameworks is pivotal to discovering insights about your data, however, it can be difficult and tedious. Microfuse helps integrate your systems so that data seamlessly transfers from one system to another. We work within your business frameworks, process preferences, and software so you can maintain entire control over your data transfer. Make the most of your systems and your data by letting Microfuse launch your systems with data communication.