Self Service Reporting

Empower your audience to answer their questions by themselves. Data stored in table in the databases are never reachable to the people seeing the reports. Our solution will make sure that the interaction between the audience and the underlying data is seamless and productive.

Interactive Dashboards

Most organizations lack effective dashboards that support data driven decision making. Our experienced consultants help you create dashboards and solutions that not only answer your questions, but open the door to new thinking as you interact with the data. We enable your organization to make more informed decisions and travel in the right direction.

Sharing and Publishing Reports

Share the dashboards and reports created across specific users, groups and the whole organization. In Server, you have access to a tool that allows you to scale from self-service analytics to organization-wide insights. Whether sharing a quick spreadsheet based report or publishing an enterprise dashboard our solution will help you get started.

BI Portals

BI portals have become the norm in every organization. BI portals pave the way to access the reports and insights which makes them critical for day to day operations. Investing in BI portals and realizing the benefits of it is becoming a farfetched task. Take back control of your BI with a custom portal.